The O'Reilly Data Sensing Lab will be at the Mozilla Festival in London. We'll have 20 sensor motes scattered around the venue. Measuring temperature, humidity, pressure, light and both ambient and radio noise.

The data will be flowing live throughout the weekend into Digi's Device Cloud and will be available to hack on both during and after the conference.

You can read up on how to access the data stream and you can grab a list of the available data streams from the Device Cloud. The username and password for—read only—access to the data streams and the data points themselves are;

  • Username: MozFest
  • Password: M03#3stLONDON
  • Data Stream Endpoint:* 
  • Data Point Endpoint:*

The Data Streams API allows data to be stored in a time series for long periods of time. Data streams represent time series data, a sequence of data points and you can query the data by time ranges, roll-up intervals and perform basic aggregates. Each sensor mote creates one data stream per sensor, e.g. one stream for temperature, another for humidity.

list of the IDs for the sensor motes deployed during the festival is available—motes marked in red are known to be out of action. These IDs correspond to the numbers shown on the venue maps below which show the deployment locations of the individual motes.

There are currently 18 motes deployed over the conference area.



In addition to the mesh network of sensor motes around the venue, which will be collecting live data, we'll also be running a workshop on connecting Arduino micro-controllers to the web with bread-boarded sensors you can hack away on yourself.

This will be running between 12 noon and 1pm in the "Make the Web Physical" area on the 1st floor.