The O'Reilly Data Sensing Lab is going on the road! If you thought the 40 environmental sensors we deployed at the O'Reilly Strata conferences were cool, wait until you see what we do with ten times that.

We've deployed over four hundred sensor motes—with over four thousand data streams running over Device Cloud by Etherios—to continuously monitor temperature, humidity, pressure, light, air quality, motion, and both RF and audio noise levels in San Francisco's Moscone Center during Google I/O.

We've teamed up with the Google Cloud Platform team to gather, transform, and analyze the data, then show off some heat maps and other data visualizations in collaboration with the Google Maps team.

Want the data from Google I/O? Get it here.

With so many motes for this event, we had to upgrade our fabrication process. Check out this selective soldering machine manufacturing our custom sensor boards.

A Tableau visualization of pressure mat readings (measuring foot traffic) on day one of Google I/O.

A Tableau visualization of sound readings during the first evening of Google I/O.